No good deed goes unpunished.

No good deed goes unpunished.

The trouble started in Greece with a favor for her new father-in-law. When Poppy Fields picked up a package in Athens, she had no idea how many people were interested in its contents. Desperately interested. Murderously interested.

Now she’s on the run, racing across Turkey in a cat-and-mouse game with multiple killers. Because what’s in the package could change the world.

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Ellison Jones is used to sirens in the night (unfortunately, they’re usually coming to her house).

So, it’s a surprise when the sirens that wake her from the dead come from across the street.

Nosy neighbor Marian Dixon’s house is on fire.

Luckily, the Dixons are out of town.

Unluckily, there’s a body found in the ashes—a body not killed by the fire.

With Ellison’s husband, Detective Anarchy Jones, investigating, the neighbors are eager for a quick resolution. But a cunning killer has other plans.

Can Ellison and Anarchy uncover the truth, or will their lives (and the rest of the block) go up in flames?

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